Eric’s father was an employee of Muscle Shoals Schools for over 25 years so Eric understands how important it is that we support and provide for our teachers and schools. He will support practical solutions that enhance our children’s ability to learn and enter Alabama’s workforce. Eric believes parents should have the freedom to choose the best school for their children based on school performance or individual needs. No student should be trapped in a poorly performing school based only on a zip code.

Eric will make improving the business climate in our great state a priority. Small business owners and large corporations alike need to see Alabama as a leader in future development and investment. Eric will work to ensure our citizens not only have a job but are well paid and globally competitive in every sector of the workforce.

Because of Eric’s extensive background in the transportation industry, he fully understands the need for investment in infrastructure. After years of seeing the effect our failing roads and bridges have on our state’s ability to attract new business, Eric knows it is crucial that we face these problems with conservative and fiscally responsible solutions.

Eric Aycock for State Senate District 6